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Great place and Doctor Justin is an amazing person, he takes good care of his patients and won’t even charge you for a follow up visit Really like the place and feels very comfortable every time we visit
3 weeks ago
- John G.
Dr. Douglass and his staff are wonderful!! Will definitely be referring patients to his practice .
1 month ago
- Michelle K.
Dr Douglass was an excellent practitioner, above and beyond most! He was very thorough, took time to do a very good evaluation and could explain things so non medical people could understand. So glad my wife and I found Dr Douglass and hope we can keep him for a long time!
2 months ago
- Leona H.
Dr Douglas is fantastic and so is his staff. Super friendly and extremely easily to communicate with
5 months ago
- Patricia M.
Best optometrist in town!! 🙌🏻
8 months ago
Dr. Douglass was really easy to talk to and made sure that I understood what he was doing with each part of the exam. He was kind and made the entire visit easy. Thanks for a great first visit!
10 months ago
- Claire S.
Dr. Douglas is always efficient but patient with our family. We never have a long wait, but we also are not rushed through our appointments. This is the perfect eye care provider for our whole family.
10 months ago
- Ann B.